Where to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency

Crypto only Exchanges

Mosts exchanges wont trade in fiat (Euro/USD). If you don’t own any cryptocurrency you can aquire them at  Coinbase or Kraken.

Binance  #due to many new users account creation is limited.

Binance has low fees. And a good smartphone app. Also buy some BNB at this exchange to be able to benifity from 50% discount on transaction fees.

Bittrex  #due to many new users account creation is suspended




Euro / USD Exchanges (Bank account or creditcard)

Coinbase #Fast with a good smartphone app. Has high fees. I reccomend buying here and then move the crypto to some of the non fiat exchanges as fast as possible.  Also has a verry limited selection of coins.

Kraken #Slow and often not available.  Avoid if you want things fast.

Euro Exchanges (Ideal)

The sites below allow you to buy with iDeal. Unfortunanlty iDeal is only usable with a dutch bank account.

Note you wont get the best prices for your crypto at LiteBit or Bitonic. But they make it easy for you. If you intend to be here for the long game it might be worth considering a CoinExchange account.



How to transfer coins cheaply between exchanges.

When you just bought some coins at Coinbase or Kraken you’ll want to move these to the other exchanges as fast as possible. The Cheapest way to do this is to buy Litecoin and  transfer this. I will add screenshots later.


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